The Most Popular Swimsuit Trend of the Summer Is Quite the Throwback


Sometimes, we search for stuff that stars are wearing only to be pleasantly surprised: it actually ends up being quite affordable, so we don't mind snagging it for ourselves. Other times, we search for something like Kylie Jenner's bikinis and are totally disappointed. The beauty mogul has been wearing a whole lot of vintage Chanel as of late, and a quick search for similar items lead us down a path of many dollar signs.

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While these swimsuits aren't cheap — they can run anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars — Jenner isn't the only one who is on board with a throwback look. She likely got the idea from her sister Kim Kardashian, who has worn her own '90s (and very revealing) Chanel set, or Bella Hadid, who styled her one-piece like a bodysuit. Going with something old school is a great way to ensure no one else with show up wearing the same look, and it also adds something special to your summer style.


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