5 things that make a woman sexy



Today we live in a society where we are always competing with one another to get ahead. It could be lonesome and extremely frustrating. Looking to your left and right knowing that you are competing with everybody every day. We have never experienced a time such as the time that we live in and also the days ahead of us.




I once thought we were all equal but along the years, I have come to realization that is just not the case. We want to say that we are all equal. But when you lie face to face with someone the competition is extremely high. There is no other feeling then dominating the entire market. Get out there with your dancing shoes on and kill it already.




What is it about a woman that makes her sexy?


"I have always been fascinated by the observation that women who are considered to be sexy are not necessarily the most physically attractive. Women who like themselves, are confident and have interests and a healthy vitality tend to be viewed as sexy. Sexy is all about being exciting and men find women who are "alive with pleasure" to be sexy. Interestingly, some of the most physically attractive women who are needy, cloying and negative are not seen as sexy. I have always believed that sexy is all about personality style," says relationship and parenting expert Barbara Greenberg Ph.D.


So, what are the 5 things that makes a woman sexy?



Confidence, nothing is more respected than that of confidence. You can be completely wrong but with the right amount of confidence you will still lead people towards you. Think that of poker players. They can be full of bluff but with the respect of confidence leads every player on the table to fold.



Intelligence. Listen here nobody wants to be around someone who lacks a little bit of common sense. I heard once that common sense is just not that common these days.


Health. It should not be a secret that us as humans are drawn towards other healthy humans. This does not mean follow a strict diet and spend hours at the gym, but it does mean throw in a serving of greens here and there and go for the water instead of the soda more times then not.



Kind,for some reason or other we have been more and more rude to each other. I hear all the time that “those ass holes don’t know how to drive”.  Let’s just be honest YOU are not the best driver on the road either. I have my fair share of hiccups while driving we all do. Accept that someone is staring at a text message and cuts you off and move on. Don’t let that make you become an ass hole and ruin your day. You are an amazing person. Keep it that way



Fun,Life is just full of too much work. Relax your body as it deserves that much. Put on your dancing shoes and have a little bit of fun here and there. Our bodies are meant to work hard that is what you do but also we are not designed to be a steam powered engine that trucks along day and night.


I agree with what James  from the HuffPost says “There is nothing wrong with putting value on your appearance and that of your partner — we all do it. 


But don’t let your appearance be the only thing that needs maintenance there are 5 other simple things on this list that can make all the difference in the world as well.




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