History of Shapewear



How Shapewear came into being?

Shapewear are not just a modern day craze. Since the ancient times, these garments were much soughted after by women. The ancient body shapers were not like the ones we used in the modern world. They were surprisingly different, few are believed to be made out of whale bones , while few included lead. The rest integrated iron and other metals in their making.

A little bit from history days to mystery days….

Shapewear worn by Ancient Greek Women
Girdle Shapewear
We can consider the first shape wears to be the girdles . Ancient Greek women used to wear girdles woven out of firm linen fabric, wool or soft leather material. These shapers generally pushed the breasts outwards and clinched the waist making them look really small.

Embroidered shapewear of Ancient Roman
Shapewear in Ancient Roman
Ancient Roman women also used shapers or precisely corsets to enhance their curves. Innovations lead to wearing the corsets over the clothes. These shapers were studded and embroidered for more attractive looks. These were paired with roman robes creating a classy look.

Shapewear during 16th Century
Steel Corset Shapewear


16th century marked the beginning of steel corsets. These were designed with a mechanism of creating the typical feminine figure. These body shapers kept the upper body flat and clinched the waist. Lower body was fluffier with the typical skirts called farthingales. This era was named as the Elizabethans era because of the remarkable outfits by qeeen Elizabeth.

Shapewear during the Victorian Era
Shapewear during the Victorian Era


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