23 Best Shapewear Options You’ll Absolutely Love



Have you ever noticed any number of well-dressed women who, miraculously, appear to have no lumps, bumps or rolls under their clothes? Well, we’ve figured out their secret. They’ve invested in shapewear that slims and tucks in all the right places.

The best shapewear for women comes in lots of styles so you can choose what best suits your particularly pesky body issues. Want to tuck your tummy or lift your bust? There are camisoles, body shaping slips and firming bodysuits that easily tackle the task, but you can also get shaping options for thighs, hips and booty. They’ll have you looking fabulous in all of your favorite clothes.

When you're looking to invest real money in shapewear, it should have some key attributes. Look for hems that feature a Wonderful Edge, or silicone elastic, that prevents your undergarments from slipping, riding up or digging in. Nothing looks worse than a bunched up shaper, sliding up your pant legs or waistline. That doesn't even take into account the embarrassment factor, as you try to subtly tug them back into place.


Read more: https://heavy.com/fashion/2018/10/best-shapewear/


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