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9 best shapewear pieces for women 2019


Shapewear doesn’t always have to call for squeezing and struggling. Sometimes, the right piece — a smoothing, high-waisted slip orseamless underwear that disappears under every dress — can give you a jolt of confidence without too much hassle.


“I’d love women to rethink the word ‘shapewear‘ altogether,” TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas said. “It offers so many benefits beyond shaping! Foundation pieces are practical and comfortable and can be really pretty, too.”



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Indeed, these pieces provide a great foundation to help clothing drape properly and allow you to be creative with your outfits. So, the best shapewear for every woman depends on her wardrobe. Certain outfits demand specific kinds of slips, shorts, camisoles, tights or bras.

We’ve paired a few common outfits with our suggestions for the best shapewear to wear under them. We also asked Thomas to share her thoughts on the foundation pieces she relies on most.

Read more: https://www.today.com/style/best-shapewear-every-outfit-according-style-experts-t123530


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